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Stable quality and cheaper price for beginners to choose, this product can enhance car’s stability, also coilovers come with damping adjustments which other brands can’t compete with.

- The adjustment range of ride height - Between 0~200mm which is based on different car applications.


- The speed of lowering or raising ride height is around 4~7 seconds.


- It comes with 36-way damping adjustments. (For some applications, rear coilovers come with 26-way damping adjustments)


- There is an option of camber adjustable top mount for Mcpherson type suspension, normally the suspension system come with rubber top mount if you don’t ask for different top mount.


- The suspension system is ride height adjustable, customers can match your own body kit to adjust the ride height as your desire.


- This suspension system includes air suspension gauges which customers can easily find out pressure value for their vehicles.

- Customers can purchase extra parts for AIR-0058 Air valve kit manually to pump some air in the air tank.


- The system includes 4 gallant aluminum Air tank in color silver. (Customers can upgrade to color chrome-plating)

- The system comes with high speed and low noise compressor.

- The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure.

- If there is no application as your request, please feel free to contact us for custom checking.

EXPERT air suspension kit includes followings


A -  4 gallant Air tank in color silver

B - AZ high speed compressor

C - Air suspension kit

D - Paddle valve switch

E - 200 PSI dual needle gauge

F - 100A fuse

G - 35M/6MM air hose

H - Air fittings (depending on car applications)

I - 120 PSI~200PSI pressure switch (depending on car applications)

J - Power cord

K - Safety valve

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