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This is more advanced choice for end users; ride height can be adjusted out of the vehicles via remote control. The system can control ride height of front and rear suspensions individually, and both pressure values are shown on the remote control for checking. Meanwhile, it comes with the function of ride height memories, which you can set up 4 modes for the ride height as your desire.

- The adjustment range of ride height - Between 0~200mm which is based on different car applications.


- The speed of lowering or raising ride height is around 4~7 seconds.


- It comes with 36-way damping adjustments. (For some applications, rear coilovers come with 26-way damping adjustments)


- There is an option of camber adjustable top mount for Mcpherson type suspension, normally the suspension system come with rubber top mount if you don’t ask for different top mount.


- The suspension system is ride height adjustable, customers can match your own body kit to adjust the ride height as your desire.


- The system includes OLED remote control, which displays the pressure value on it.

- Customers can purchase extra parts for AIR-0058 Air valve kit manually to pump some air in the air tank.


- The system includes 4 gallant aluminum Air tank in color silver. (Customers can upgrade to color chrome-plating)

- The system comes with  high speed and low noise compressor.

- It comes with remote control which allows customers to adjust ride height out of cars.

- The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure.

- If there is no application as your request, please feel free to contact us for custom checking.

MAXIMUM air suspension kit includes followings


A -  4 gallant Air tank in color silver

B - AZ high speed compressor

C - Air suspension kit

D - OLED Remote control (including remote control monitor)

E - 100A fuse

F - 25M/6MM air hose

G - Air fittings (depending on car applications)

H - 150 PSI~200PSI pressure switch (depending on car applications)

I - Power cord

J - Safety valve

K - Remote control (including remote control monitor)Solenoid valve set

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