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TRUEVA coilovers pursue comfortable and joyful handling for better function and ride comfort.


It comes with 36-way damping adjustments. (For some applications, rear coilovers

come with 26-way damping adjustments). TRUEVA is mainly for street type, but please feel free to contact us if there is a demand for racing version.


Aluminum pillowball top mount.(For Mcpherson type coilovers, it comes with camber adjustable top mount, also it’s available for harden rubber top mount; For wishbone type coilovers is for harden rubber mount only.


Springs are made by material SAE9254, its strength is tested by over than 600,000 times compression inspection.


The design of dust cover is to prevent stuff like sand get in


The coilover struts are for mono-tube design, which is to separate oil and gas, and its advantage is to decrease the possibility of leaking issues and also increase the damping stability. Coilovers are made by forged aluminum 6061 to have lightweight and enhance the safety. Meanwhile, coilovers oils are made in Japan.


Both large locking ring and small locking collars are made by aluminum 6061 to have lightweight.


The coilovers come with adjustable lower mount, which means customers can adjust the height by lower mounts. There is no need to compress main springs to cause any problems like unusual noise or damages on coilovers.

The "model year" defined for each application on our website might be different to the ones in each country; therefore, please confirm the "production years" with us if you cannot make sure

If there is no application as your request, please feel free to contact us for custom checking.

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