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Mcpherson installation

  1. If your coilovers are exposed to rain, sand, salt etc. please apply anti-rust to the areas on the shaft that touch the large locking ring, small locking rings, and the bottom mount.

  2. Coilovers do not come pre-loaded or height adjusted out of the box.

 You must do this yourself. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Pre-Load Adjustment: Rotate the large locking collar counter-clockwise until the spring has no play. Rotate the small locking collar counter-clockwise until it touches the large locking ring. Then Rotate the large locking ring to compress the spring (A) 5mm. Lastly bring the small locking collar up to lock pre-load.


   EX: The total length of sping (A) is 180mm before compression.

        The spring should be compressed to 175mm. Too much or not             enough pre-load will result in unusual sound and damage to the         coilovers.

    2. Please tighten the screws (G) of the upper mount and then                   install the screws of bracket. (F) (adjust to fixed position, and                 tighten the screws)


    3.Adjusting Height: loosen the small ring, (E), and rotate the spring         and shaft counter-clockwise (D) to adjust. Tighten the small                 locking collar (E) after adjustment is completed.

To Lower: loosen the small ring (E), and rotate clockwise (C) to adjust. Tighten the small ring (E) after adjustment.

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